Turtles on Wallstrip

Michael Covel is a good author. I really liked his book about the world of trend following and have been bugging him to be on Wallstrip .

Michael is not a ‘Turtle’ and not a trader, but owns TurtleTrader.com . It is a great resource on the subject of ‘Trend Following’.

As he discusses in the interview, the ‘Turtles’ were an experiment. One of the original ‘Turtles’ from the Richard Dennis experiment was Curtis Faith . Curtis has promised to be interviewed on Wallstrip late next month. I will hold him too it.

I loved the interview. A classic ‘long/short’ for sure.

See you at the Wallstrip Party tonight. For all you girl readers, Dylan will be making an appearance.

BTW – I can’t believe how much Michael looks like Will Ferrell :)

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  1. Dogwood says:

    Yes! Thanks for the great interview.

    Without Covel’s book I’d still be a bottom feeding value investor trying to divine a company’s true market value while fretting about cash flows, book values, EPS, blah, blah, blah.

    I used to read every book I could find on investing, but during a visit to Barnes & Noble this week I just stared at the books in the investing section and thought, none of that stuff is relevant, important or worth knowing.

    In fact, I laughed the other day when I read someone’s comment that Yahoo wasn’t worth $31. My first response was, so what, the stock is going up, who cares what its really worth.

    Yep, drinking the trend following kool aid and its mighty tasty!

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