Twenty Five Years…Marriage Is Easy

Ellen and I have now been married 25 years.

Piece of cake.

The only thing easier than trading and investing is marriage.

Oh I forgot…raising kids was easy too.

I will be 81 when we hit 50 years. Ellen will be 81 as well. We were born 11 days apart. Rachel will be 49 and Max 48.

Getting old blows.

Back to the anniversary…

I am really proud of this 25 year number. It is a bit of a miracle of course.

Ellen has to put up with all sorts of nonsense. I’m gross.

She was upset yesterday because she thought it was our anniversary and I was still stuck in Bahamas.

I reminded her our anniversary was today (I do know how to use Google calendar, Ellen not so much). It was the first time I have been right in 25 years.

Ellen is a special woman and has raised two great kids and now cranking away at her new career in real estate. She still laughs at most of my jokes. She is obviously very forgiving. In the end we enjoy each others company and have put in the work.

Everyone should be so lucky.

Happy anniversary Ellen!