Twenty-One Days in Manhattan…Unlocked!

It has been one hell of a busy 21 day trip to Manhattan.

I ate 32 slices of Pizza

21 Ambiens (One funny story I need to document)

8 Falafels

100 plus cab rides

Most amazing to me is my lack of use of my Mac Air (save some Gmail and this blog post). It was basically all iphone all the time.

I kept up to date with my portfolio on Stocktwits and my Schwab account on my iphone. Same with checking my bank balances.

Flixster helped us find and book movie tickets and StubHub for show tickets.

Maps was probably the most used app on my phone, with Instagram a close second as we documented all the fun.

Twitter was used to get restaurant reco’s. I imagine if I didn’t have as many followers on Twitter that were engaged and willing to help, I would not have needed it at all.

If I lived in Manhattan I imagine that Foursquare would be more useful to me than even Twitter for the reco part, but I did not use it even once.

Manhattan is a big and lonely town and I imagine that’s why their are tourists doing the same thing most of the time.

The web and now the iphone/app world have unlocked a city and it’s a wonderful thing.

The leverage I have gotten from my social deposits and the social leverage over the years paid massive dividends including filled days of high level business meetings to gluten-free restaurants for Rachel and wonderful dinners with friends. Thanks everyone for helping unlock the magic of the city.

The unlocking we are witnessing will of couse be devastating for many but makes me so long-term bullish for the right kinds of acceleration.


  1. Kid Dynamite says:

    where did you get felafels from? Did you go to Mamoun’s (on MacDougal?), or to Taim?

    Please tell me you got a pastrami on rye at Katz’s Deli…

    Did you hit up Kosher Delight on 46th street for a good schwarma (or schnitzel) pita?

  2. Todd Hammersmith says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t use Yelp for the restaurant recos. What are your thoughts on Yelp?

  3. Jay Zalowitz says:

    Only 8 Falafels? How many Bagels?

    Foursquare really is useful for New York (even if you wanted to make a hack that lets you figure out where you should stay next time you are here ( – check out the neighborhood predictor).) especially because in new york we are quite the type to want to let people know our lives are interesting by default because we live in new york.

  4. John Revay says:

    Hopstop – great app for getting around that big and lonely place. It knows where you are, and you tell it where you want to get to and how ( walk, subway, drive etc).

  5. William Mougayar says:

    Funny I know where one of those falafels came from :)

    Foursquare Explore is a staple location search for me now.

    Given the 100 cab rides, you prob didn’t use the subway a lot? I use Hopstop in NYC and it’s fantastic because I’d be lost in the subway in a nanosecond.

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