Twitter a Buy?

Yes it’s overvalued by any metric created to date.

It has been armchair quarterbacked to death.

They have no CEO…still.

If they just did this……………………………………..and this…………….and…….

I am the only person in America not on the board of directors.

It’s not Facebook.

It’s not ‘growing’ by whatever that means to Wall Street today.

It’s not Snapchat. Thank god.

But, if it was a private company, even after this correction, it would be valued at more than it is trading at today (thanks for this thought Josh Elman).

I marvel at the interesting, random and insane back and forth’s with smart people that humor at least me. A latest with Marc Andreessen (WHOSE NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO MAKE IT PURPOSELY AS HARD TO SPELL AS MISSISSIPPI):

Who knows if it’s true and who cares if it’s mostly drivel…but it is interesting:

I don’t own any Twitter stock. I have no spare time. I’m in the mood lately to write.

Would you buy it here?

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  1. Nick Gweezy says:

    Well, it is a valuable service. It does provide demographic and ‘mood’ data. It’s just not that cool anymore and isn’t a go-to form of social media. This feed the infinite negative feedback of poor monetization performance. Of course, if Google were to buy them then they’d be valuable the same way Netscape was valuable. As a buyout target.

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