Twitter and Trump…and Elon and Roblox

It’s finally over.

What an abusive, ugly relationship.

One thing stands out as usual from the end of the relationship is that neither Twitter or Trump have a plan.

If Trump thought Twitter was so vital to his brand and voice he should not have put himself in a position of getting kicked off everyday.

Now he only has Grindr (I could not resist because it is hysterical):

Twitter must feel Trump is so vital to their business because they let him shit all over it everyday. The stock is down 5 percent after-hours because investors think Trump is their plan.

Now Elon Musk is not just the wealthiest man in the world, but the most powerful (at least businessman) in the world.

Just yesterday Elon tweeted about ‘Signal’ (a private company) but drove the price of a bulletin board penny stock up over 1,000 percent…

Elon stays and Trump goes. Elon may be crazy, but he has a plan and while he might bend the rules, he knows how to work the refs.

Twitter is just a game and Elon is winning. Twitter has no idea how their own game is played and what their core users want which is why Roblox (another game with a fraction of the users) is pricing a direct listing at $30 billion and will pass Twitter in market cap the week it goes public.

I say shame on Twitter, Jack and their board for bending the rules to shape Trump and too many other political figures who do not understand the privilege of having such an incredible product and tool and shame on Trump for as usual not having a plan.