Twitter and Vine…So Interesting

Disclosure – In late July I disclosed that I was selling my Twitter shares. I did. It just felt like the right time.

Since that time, I received some holdback shares from the Tweetdeck acquisition (angel investor). I decided to hold those shares. With the launch of Vine I am pretty excited to be a shareholder again.

I am in the ‘open’ camp regarding how Twitter should treat it’s product, and while there is no such thing as ‘pure open’, Twitter is pretty closed.

But, along comes Vine. I am not going to go into a length explanation of it because you have to use it. I can’t make you like or dislike it. Here is how it looks if you embed it in a tweet:

In a word…Magical. In more words…easy to use, fun, shareable, different, interesting.

There are so many ways to monetize, but who cares about that quarterbacking for the moment.

Twitter says they are a media company. It has never felt like that to me from the product side, though they behave like one as a monetizer. I do think Vine could push them further towards being media (especially sports moments). While Max is not necessarily a media sports moment, this hockey fight could be!

Most importantly, Twitter can start over with how they treat an ecosystem. While developers say they don’t trust Twitter, they love fun new toys and this is a marvelous toy. Let the games begin!


  1. Bullshit Police says:

    Are these actual shares or more of your fictitious shares that only exist in your day dreams. Do you ever get tired of telling these fables to your imaginary twitter followers. I’ve never in my life seen a person that has spent so much time and money on trying to create reputation out of thin air. It says you have 200K followers on twitter and I laugh because you think this makes you a player or it validates your career as a retail investor. The whole act of you claiming to be some angel investor guru is really comical because I’ve never heard of you and I’ve been around the block once or twice so this gives me the right to say this because I’ve actually made my bones unlike yourself.

    I really think you should unfollow maybe 150K of your zombie twitter accounts because you look ridiculous with a twitter account of over 200k followers when alex jones who has over 3 million visitors a day has only about 160K followers when your blog and stocktwits only gets about 10k visitors a day.Which more than 2/3 od your traffic is fake traffic.

    This was fun I think I might chime back in again later. Maybe next time I’ll go discuss the Stock Twits private placement that was fraudulent in terms of its size. You know its really frowned upon at the SEC to make investors think that there were other people investing money in your $500 dollar micro blog site. .

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