Twitter Files for an IPO….‘TWEET’ as the Ticker Symbol?

I am starting this rumor if only for the reason to get some smart people talking about moving fucking forward with our public and private markets already.

Who cares that Twitter is not making money. Now is the perfect time for their IPO. At a time when ‘Too Big to Fail’ is the myth, Twitter is just the right size for an IPO. It’s ‘Too Small to Fail’ as an IPO and public company. It has something more important than profits for the moment, believe it or not….demand and a clean balance sheet.

While we wait for Facebook to do an IPO, one that will NEVER come, it’s time for some Venture Capitalist’s and founders with balls to take some real chances and lead change.

If Twitter continues to add Venture Capital money we will be stuck with an eventual shitty IPO or a sale to a crappy telecom. Welcome back to the 80’s and 90’s. Big woop. A group of Venture Capitalist’s smart enough to lay out capital will make some cash for their institutions. YAWN.

I say go public now.

Not a BIG, FLASHY IPO. Something small, one without a dumbass Wall Street bank. A small IPO will give Twitter flexibility as a public company. My new bank ‘Social Leverage’ will be happy to do organize it for some underwriting warrants. I won’t sell them for 2 years either. How’s that.

The institutions don’t need shares to flip to the public at 4 times the IPO price. Those days are over and it is up to US to remind them of it. Let the public set the price in a ‘Dutch Auction’ or just have the smart community at Stocktwits set the price. Let the shareholders who want to own shares from the start submit a reason they deserve the IPO shares with a 140 character Tweet. Keep the float small too so the company gets the cheaper cash from a trusting public and enough cash and a currency to do smart, accretive acquisitions to build the right ‘social leveraged’ public Company and put the American IPO and public markets back in the news.

This crisis of confidence will only be fixed by you and me. If you looking for a miracle, be prepared to hope and waste your time watching the ‘talking heads’ and yutz economists talk about GE and GM. I have been screaming like the other idiots of late, but fuck that noise anymore. Just noise on top of noise.

It’s time to make up some new rules and lead by example once again. In the end, confidence comes from trust. There are millions of good people on the social nets who have built up unprecedented levels of trust and although each of them may never MONETIZE the new found trust and responsibility, he/she can use it to lead in different ways. Healthier ways.

Trust and confidence are not built overnight, but there are thousands of smart people in the public world of finance and Venture Capital on the blogosphere and social nets to pick this country up itself and just MOVE FORWARD.

The game of RISK is not won from the middle of the board. It is won from the far corners of the board. You build your armies and expand slowly and surely.

What about the SEC you say.

I say FUCK the SEC. They give you problems, do the same deal through one of the thousand of broken public companies that are basically shells. It’s time to beg for forgiveness (not for pot smoking ☺ ) and stop asking for permission in 2009 and beyond.

I hear you ‘girls’ crying that the market sucks. FUCK that too. It’s a dumb excuse for not being aggressive for businesses with great potential. The stock market is a market of stocks. Homebuilders screamed higher after the Nasdaq Bubble.

All you ‘knucklehead ANALysts’ are thinking ‘…but Twitter has no assets’. I say I would like to block you from this blog. I think Donald ‘hairpiece’ Trump had assets, Las Vegas Sands had ‘em too. A large black hole of capital – Sirius Satellite Radio – did as well. They used those assets to transfer capital from you to them. Once upon a time before ‘Asshat’ Ken Lewis was born into the banking world, Bank of America had assets. Lot’s of good that has done us.

Kids, the world is upside down. The more I read, the more I am convinced that we are going to have to get uber creative to get the capital markets going. It can’t be ONE big idea or a move of sweeping changes by Obama or anyone in our current leadership. We are the leaders. Each one of us can change this with our social nets. We will need to do this one deal at a time and chip away.

Twitter is just a little company but it has much on it’s shoulders whether it likes it or not. We need a jolt. I don’t plan on Twitter and the VC’s to take me seriously. In fact, I don’t really care because I have my own plan for this whole new era of public markets and broken private markets.

Stay tuned and send me your resumes if you have a clue about what I am really talking about.

So much opportunity right now, but can’t give it all away in one blog post.


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