Twitter Goes Hollywood and Nerds Go Ballistic

Mike Arrington took some time off from making up stories about Sequoia in China, Digg being acquired and Last FM/CBS to whine about Twitter going Hollywood .

Firt off…it’s genius for Twitter.

Basically, a few smart Hollywood producers were smart enough to create some sick press off the nerds hate. I am further emboldened by the greatness of the idea by the initial negative reaction over on Nerdmeme.

Twitter is an ART FORM.

Twitter is engaging. Twitter when used right, offers tremendous context.

TV offers none of that today.

Of course we have not seen the product, so who knows. In the end, the product and content must be good.

Guaranteed I have been pushing for StockTwits TV for the last few months because I know our content and contributors are great and I know we can add value to the current stream with the right touch.

While Facebook copies, Twitter’s open platform OPENS bazillions of opportunities. Both will be hugely successful, but only Twitter gets my respect and attention.

Early days.


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