Twitter and Google Finally Search Friends….and Trolling with Hate and Threats

In good timing for today’s earnings call, Twitter has finally agreed to let Google index the ‘tweets’ again.

As for Twitter and Google…bravo. This is the single best way for people to discover Twitter going forward other than slapping a big open search bar on logged out users (which they should do already).

I never search Google for breaking news, but now I might and it’s going to be a new way for me to engage with Twitter.

Grabbing more headlines today, Dick Costolo, the CEO has also smartly taken a public stand against trolling.

Personally, I believe a simple set of ‘House Rules’ has worked well for us and although Twitter is many magnitudes bigger, they can cut 50-80 percent of the hate with some simple rules. It’s nice that SEVEN years in the company cares. Color me skeptical.

Just today, I got this hate tweet:

I just block immediately, but how can this person possibly be good for Twitter if he’s trolling average core users like me. How can I be assured that Twitter really cares that this ninny is trolling around. It’s one thing for Twitter to grab headlines, it will be another for Twitter to stop the acceleration towards being a dumb pipe.

The trolling is something near and dear to me because we take it so seriously at Stocktwits and at least short term financially it was probably a mistake to manage our streams so vigorously.

Twitter’s investors paid for growth metrics, not ethic and ‘how many people Twitter blocked’ metrics. Scale has a dark side.


  1. jon knight says:

    ‘at least short term financially it was probably a mistake to manage our streams so vigorously.’

    I think it was a wise decision. And thank you for it.

  2. Edward Graham says:

    Hey Howard, where is the Stocktwits button for Disqus?

    Also there is a question that beckons my mind. I read during the twitter conference call this quarter that Dick said “Every month more than a half a billion unique visitor come to twitter and don’t log in”

    But if there are 6 billion people in the world then that means every year the world visits twitter once but doesn’t log in. But the whole world doesn’t have access to the internet so lets say only 3 billion have access and about 2.5 billion actually even know what twitter is. So that means the world visits twitter every 4.5 months. But after those 4.5 months they are no longer unique. So where are people logging in from? Space?

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