Twitter – Great Platform…Shitty Stock – a Mea Culpa

Twitter is the one platform I use the most on my mobile phone next to Stocktwits.

I read most of the day and so Twitter is the place where I share my thoughts and things I read.

I decided with the launch of Periscope to own it again at $49. The stock has never been an easy one to own, but I believe (still do) that Periscope and live streaming is in the early stages and that with a bunch of quarters under their belt, Twitter had got the message from Wall Street on how to manage a quarterly release.

I was horribly wrong.

It cost me real money and I of course am bummed. People follow me into my ideas and I take the losses seriously.

It’s not Twitter’s fault, I push the buttons to buy and sell stocks. I share my positions and people follow me.


As an ‘armchair’ and ‘hindsight’ quarterback of Twitter execution – very little is going right.

I hate that Twitter even discusses ‘MAU’s (Monthly Active Users). Twitter will NOT get better with more users. I don’t need ‘MORE’ news or ‘BETTER’ news, I am pretty sure there is enough content for every person on earth. Why won’t Twitter take control of this number and bury it?

What Twitter MUST own….

Twitter has the right people on the platform. End of story.

Twitter will continue to have the right people on the platform with oodles of fresh new faces every day. Yes celebrities give it up and people are confused with the sign up process. Boo F^%&@#g Hoo. Enjoy Facebook. It’s different.

As we see from the Selerity leak of our earnings (hey good one Ryan (Selerity CEO) – I guess every hedge fund needs to buy your service), Twitter is massively important and disruptive to Wall Street.

Nasdaq you blew this and you are fired (should have fired them on the conference call)!!!

Yo Bloomberg – expect to pay 10 times more when your contract expires. You guys at Thompson Reuters and Factset, quit grinning – you pay too.

I could go on and on but I don’t care anymore because it does not seem that Twitter cares enough about their stock.

As for my loss, it could have been avoided. Yesterday or day before, my friend and Stocktwits board member Rob Peck pinged me after he had downgraded Twitter. Rob leads research at Suntrust. He asked me what I thought. I told him it was a gutsy call and why I was holding. He pointed out some of the reasons for his downgrade and they were good ones. I shared his opinion on Stocktwits and Twitter and hopefully he saved some people money and aggravation. Nice call buddy.

I love the stock market, but will always hate losses.


  1. pointsnfigures says:

    periscope big. the more disbelievers there are of Twitter the better it is for your position.

  2. JRW Pickens says:

    Howard if you do not like Twitter why do you still use it? You are a fucking hypocrite. You criticize something but you use it to further your own site – which is a complete joke. Your problem is you have no control over Twitter unlike your little Stocktwits empire. However, nobody cares about Stocktwits because it is a shitty site that no investor would ever buy into. That is if you took it public. But I guess that would be like taking ms-dos public – nobody wants to invest in something they know is already a dinosaur and will be long gone in a few years.

    You are a total clown.

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