Twitter is Above $20…

After the last Twitter ‘earnings report’ I blogged that Apple was not broken but Twitter was.

Today, Twitter has not only recovered from the gap down post earnings but crossed $20.

Last week when it crossed $19 I shared that I had bought some stock myself:

Right now, things are so bullish that Jack is considering a third CEO position.

When I blogged it a few weeks back, Fred Wilson said to me that Apple was more broken than Twitter. I told him I am not married to my opinion. This blog and the feedback has once again helped keep me open and accountable and hopefully more honest.

I am not sure much has changed at Twitter other than people have gotten tired selling the stock. There are rumors again of a buyout.

I do think I would have long ago voted (if I had a vote) to kick Donald Trump off Twitter but just maybe his bizarre Twitter account is what cost him the election and we will all thank Twitter for their hard to understand policies.

On the other end of that blog post is Apple. This last week Apple is all over the PR trail talking policy and why the large sequential drop in sales from iPhones is something we will have to get used looking past.

Looks like for now, Apple acts more broken than Twitter.

Disclosure – Long both stocks.