Twitter Killed My Blog!

I have ‘blogger’s block’ and it is because of Twitter.

In just the last few months I have over 100 half written posts. It is pretty frustrating, but I don’t hate Twitter for it. As Seth Godin says…’technology does not care who you hate.’

Some people can juggle blogging, tweeting, reading, linking and porn. I obviously am having trouble.

I was chatting with my friend Fred Wilson today and of course my already overloaded head started to further explode. I was trying to get a handle on how Twitter has changed the networking world. I know it is massive, but unquantifiable. I love the unquantifiable part because it makes the nerds and ANALysts nervous. It is why I have devoted a huge amount of time, energy and money the last three years to this new passion of ‘Social Leverage’.

It is also why I believe trend following works in the investing world. The harder it is to estimate and analyze an uptrend (or downtrend I guess but don’t practice), the better your chances are of success. You fish where the fish are.

Twitter did not just kill my blog though, it also killed my golf game. I have not played a round of golf since my birthday in September and as passionate as I have been about golf since my early teens, I barely miss it. Tiger Woods wounded my golf game because no matter how much I played or practiced and no matter how much technology I threw in my bag, I could NEVER hit the shots he could hit. Twitter finished it off for now because it replaces the social part of the game that I craved. The course was where I ‘closed’ business.

Everything and everyone dies. So do passions.

You can’t fight death or lost passion, but at least passion can be revived. I want to blog and golf more, but I won’t force it. Forcing it will only hurt my chances of renewed passion.

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