Twitter Makes My 12 Charts of 2016 … and Some Reflections on Blackberry

I am in Phoenix for the holidays and in a reminiscing mood for today’s version of the 12 charts of 2016.

I remember Blackberry ruling the earth. At it’s peak in 2008, I thought you would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands even though I knew the stock run was over as you read the post.

Here is a one year chart of Twitter:

As the year began with the stock in the toilet, I figured the same thing was happening to Twitter’s stock as Blackberry. The stock was a goner but much like my ‘Blackberry Curve’ that I would be the last guy to give up using Twitter. As 2016 ends, the stock is off another 30 percent and I have actually given up tweeting.

The Twitter ($TWTR) stream on Stocktwits sounds/feels like the Blackberry stream of 2008. A lot of angry and hopeful chatter.

Yesterday someone called Twitter a glorified chat room. I don’t argue with people on Stocktwits but that makes me sad.

Twitter could have been Bloomberg, but settled for Donald Trump and bullies.

Twitter went wide choosing abundant ‘free speech’ but the great voices are scarce and neglected and get little help getting wide.

The most powerful feature ‘block’ is so unique and spectacular but at scale nobody really understands the subtleties and benefits of this feature. Twitter hides from their creation.

Twitter is a fantastic product but a terrible stock.

Life is too short to follow terrible stocks.

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