Twitter…NOT #toobigtosucceed

Twitter gets free press like no other Company in history.

This great cover story in New York Magazine by Joe Hagan being the latest
.  My pal Barry Ritholtz introduced me to the author of it  – Joe Hagan – and I helped where I could.  It’s great to get quoted even if not 100 percent in context all the time.

I love Twitter. The product and ecosystem have changed my life. Stocktwits, Tweetdeck, Bitly, Betaworks (all investments of mine) and all the derivatives to come are exploding in real-time right before my eyes. You can’t say I did not warn you as well.

I am glad my pal Omid is now at Twitter and mentioned a few times in the article. I knew he was a great fit for Twitter when I introduced him to Dick Costolo last year.

The social leverage possibilities today are endless, but few companies have figured it all out.

There is no ONE right way or ‘magic bullet’ to use and monetize Twitter quite yet. There are millions of wrong ways… very much like investing and trading.


    • I believe I said everything you quoted me as but not quite in the order and possibly jumbled.  That said, I have no complaints because you made me look smart and not too mean :) .  thanks Joe.

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