Twitter, The Hindenberg and a Big FU to The SEC and Donald Trump

I wake up this morning already aggravated that both the Leafs and the Suns could not close it out.

And Boom…I have 50 texts from people telling me that Musk backed out of the Twitter deal.

A few days ago ‘Hindenberg Research’ laid out a short sale idea saying the deal would not happen and the good and the bad.

Yesterday the price was $45 which to me meant the price was indicating a deal would not happen:

My friend Tom says Elon is casting a cloud over Twitter which helps keep other bids away. That would help him get a lower price.

I really hate this drama but that’s in the Twitter DNA. It is a soap opera of emotions and moods.

I do think Elon Musk would make a much better owner/board member than anything Twitter’s board or past CEO’s could muster.

Elon was willing to push back on the SEC. Like Elon’s tactics or not, they need to be pushed.

Elon was willing to be divisive while leading. He could play to all sides with a tweet. Just yesterday he tweeted – ‘Even though I think a less divisive candidate would be better in 2024, I still think Trump should be restored to Twitter‘.

If he walks away he definitely got in his shots.

I would definitely have a beer with the guy.