Twitter To Have a New CEO…Poor Bastard

Nothing more productive than having wifi on a jetBlue flight to NYC for 6 hours to catch up on email, reading and writing.

The future of Twitter is now in the hands of a player to be named later. Perfect.

The amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ drama continues.

Everyone is chiming in and everyone has chimed in. That’s the point of Twitter.

I am with Daring Fireball on this one though:

Rightly or wrongly, the writing has been on the wall: Wall Street wanted Costolo out. But I think what Wall Street wants is a pipe dream: for Twitter to turn into another Facebook. No CEO is going to make that happen. Maybe someone else will do better, but I think Costolo started with a hand dealt from a stacked deck.

Dick Costolo helped Twitter go from a $3 billion valuation to more than $20 billion. I would like to be such a bad CEO.

If Dick had NOTHING to do with it, at worst he would be the best rodeo person of all time…#hangon

The pressure on Twitter has piled up because of the incredible product, the boom, and the greed.

The fear is now in the room.

Periscope, the core Twitter product and the network of incredible people will keep Twitter at top of mind for years and years. It’s almost impossible to screw up.

Hopefully the board has not panicked into selling and the right group steps in to shore up the best of Twitter. If that means Twitter goes private…fine.


  1. inursha says:

    This could be the $YHOO moment for $TWTR. Maybe they have a secret investment in the next $BABA.

  2. Chris Lau says:

    Why doesn’t Google just buy out Twitter? Google+ is dying fast (it can’t disconnect the app/site fast enough), but Google MUST have a social media play…or face irrelevance.

    • Sia says:

      Why would Google want to buy Twtitter? It will never give them a big enough ‘social’ footprint to make any significance. It is too old of a company to have any significant growth. Also, not even Twtitter shareholders like the company, why would someone else?

  3. JRW Pickens says:

    Another rant by a washed up hasbeen. Howard you are jealous and bitter because you got pushed out of Twitter. All you ended up with is Stocktwits which is nothing more than Twitter for Hillbillies.

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