Twitter….What Would You Pay?

If you could invest $10,000 in a private web company, which company and valuation would you pick?

Twitter – $250 million – reports TechCrunch (who has a knack for making shit like this up on weekends – hence it’s declining daily valuation)

Facebook – $5 billion

Digg – $60 million

Mahalo – $40 bucks

I would take Twitter in this group. Now a $40 valuation on Mahalo is good, but CalacANUS would spend your dough on an espresso machine and than fire everybody so you can’t trust his use of cash.

Digg is not worth much to me or anyone else big right now because eyeballs are the new ‘baby toe’.

I have been offered Facebook stock each time I get off the plane in SanFrancisco. I find it wierd that facebook has left selling their stock to the Hare Krishna’s and like any religious entity…I pass.

Back to Twitter. Here is why I would invest:

1. Momentum

2. Engagement

3. Stocktwits (seriously – think Yahoo Finance value to Yahoo)

4. Openness

5. Universally scoffed at by Nerds

6. Slowly making the nerds irrelevant on the service and cool people coming aboard.

7. Artform

8. Fun

9. Best business to consumer lead generation platform of all time.


I have made the same predictions on thei s blog when Facebook was scoffed by the nerds at $1 billion and YouTube as well, so I will try and make it three for three.

What say YOU?


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