Two CryptoPunks Walk Into A Restaurant In New York

I was up late last night changing my schedule to account for the massive storm about to hit New York City.

It is 7 am EST now and I am up writing this blog and glad I did. I don’t want to be going to meetings today. A rain storm is pounding the city.

I had eight straight great days of fall weather here to get shit done (mission accomplished) so I am looking forward to this one day weather day off.

Yesterday late afternoon Ellen and I went to the Rally headquarters in SOHO to visit Rachel because Ellen has not ever visited. We are excited for Rally which is growing really fast at the moment and doing some very unique and timely things around collecting and investing. I snapped a photo of the CryptoPunk Rally recently IPO’d (I am part owner)…

Last night Ellen and I had dinner with our friends Joanne and Fred Wilson (I now call Fred the original CryptoPunk which is much better than my old nickname for him Flip Wilson). A fave artist of ours made these original NFT’s/digital art portraits of Fred and I back in 2006 that we still both use as our avatars today:

We ate at Anton’s on Hudson which is fantastic.

We have not seen Fred and Joanne since before COVID. Fred and Joanne were my first investors in Wallstrip back in 2006 and have been an LP in our funds and Fred a mentor of mine that got me interested in venture capital way back in 2005 when I invested in GolfNow and Lifelock.

I had a list of questions in my head about the future, Bitcoin, venture capital, valuations, and my prostate (Fred is older).

What we talked about was our kids, our prostates (thank god), passing a stone, our poor eyesight, Larry David, golf, cycling, Italy, New York and our parents. Neither Fred or I got up to pee which is a win!

The good news is both Janne and Fred blog all the time (links above) and share their insights on all the things I meant to ask about. It was fun not to talk business and just have a few drinks, a great meal and catch up on our life in our late 50’s.