Two Weeks In New York

I am back in New York for the next two weeks and I only know New York in one speed…overbook and squeeze everything in.

I have a secret weapon this time…my daughter Rachel – who is now living here and willing to teach the old man a few tricks.

For my schedule to work this week I needed to learn the subway system and I have fought that for 40 years.

Once I get down underground in New York I see to slip into a trance and walk into walls and bump into turnstiles that won’t accept my card or payment. It generally ends with people calling me an asshat and I sprint for breath at street level.

On Sunday night, Rachel made it so my iPhone would magically make Subway life easy and she was correct.

Now I’m zipping uptown and downtown and making friends with all the ‘natives’.

Thanks Rachel…

Yesterday on one of my trips uptown from meetings downtown I stopped in on my friend Jim O’Shaughnessy to catch up on life, prostates and investing. We never made it to life or investing part of the conversation and three cranberry juices later I was off…not before Jim snuck this picture of me promising that it would never appear on the internet. Ya right…

Thanks goodness Jim is married to a professional photographer and has learned a few good tricks and filters.

I love New York.