Uber – Losses Aren’t Cool…Unprecedented Losses are Cool

Shocker…Uber is losing money.

The media is having a field day writing headlines about Uber losses. The ‘unprecedented’ meme is in full gear.

Even my son Max knows about Uber’s losses and he only listens to music. I asked him to create a budget for the holidays and he said why…Uber doesn’t!

I can hear him after college…dad if you would just let me growwwwwww!

Everything Uber has done has been unprecedented.

Maybe Uber will never make a dime. It was built in the era of the smartphone, on the back of broadband and gig drivers and would never have worked without Google maps.

I have no idea, and Travis runs the company the way he wants. The pressure inside that place must be intense and in 2017 I think we see an IPO or a down round.

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