Uptick Rules…DownTick Rules…One Thing For Certain Be Prepared for More Rules

If you read this blog you know March was great month for me, April sucked but I mea culpa’d my negative attitude and had a great May. June is off to a great start.

I want to short the world, but I remembered to check my opinions at the door in May and stick with price and the tape.

I am still seeing great upside momentum and new breakouts.

The wild card for this run ending is government debt and government regulation. They are already way passed red alert, but you can go BROKE timing when the markets will care about them and price them efficiently .

You and I are too poor and insignificant to time it.

I am reading that The SEC is inundated with support for bringing back the ‘uptick rule’ . That means Cramer’s ratings are not as bad as people think. It also means that people are stupid and their timing is impeccably bad.

I can picture the Dow at 10,500 and the SEC finally relenting on the ‘Uptick Rule’. The media will rejoice, the retail investor will finally feel comfy that the recession is over (it likely will be), funds will be up 15-20 percent on the year and the Dow will surge a final 500 points before cascading on the news. It wont have anything to do with the recession or the headlines of the day, it will have to do with us being broke and too governed to get out of the way.

We have enough rules, what we don’t have is people playing by the rules.

I ‘tweeted’ that if we are so keen on having the ‘uptick rule’ back, where have the ‘downtick’ rule people been while late day futures buying send indexes up 1-2 percent in the final 30 minutes.

Tonight, the poker people are being f#$%^&ked over by our leaders . People playing poker in their underwear with their parents money (money their parents will lose in the stock market and CMO’s if left to it themselves) are definitely evil.

Meanwhile…Venture Capitalists funding completely UNNovative businesses designed to ‘extract’ value, not create it …not so evil.

The lesson…watch your own back and stay ‘Too Small to Fail’.

I will stick with my big themes that I outlines in my post ‘ An Inconceivable Rally’ .

PS – I will add that the ‘what’s inside smart phone’ theme is in vogue again. $syna is the biggest, hottest, institutional and hot money play. It always ends the same with them and all component plays…huge gap downs on canceled orders. Of course this time it could be different, so consider this a friendly reminder from someone who has been crushed overstaying his welcome in component stocks.


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