Uranium and Banks…Trade the Market You Have, Not The One You Want!

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I saw and shared today that The Global Uranium ETF ($URA) is up 70 percent since Trump won the election. Duh!

I got this message back from Ken Rostrom to ‘trade the market you have not the one you want‘.


Ken is long $URA and pointed it out on Stocktwits last month.

The market we have since the post election freak out is banks, selected technology and one nuclear proxy.

It makes sense in hindsight why Uranium is on a tear. It is an end of world proxy based on all the chatter from Trump on a nuclear race. On a longer term perspective though, Uranium looks more damaging to your portfolio than the world.

$URA daily

— The Chartiste (@TheChartiste) Feb. 13 at 08:14 PM

Silicon Valley Bank is at all-time highs. A bank with warrants on silicon valley for lending it money…hoohah! I have many friends at the bank and so congrats to them.

Goldman Sachs of course continues to work because any swamp is a good swamp.

The biggest surprise to me is the strength in Tesla and the weakness in Exxon. The markets can work in mysterious ways but they are always speaking to us.

No matter what Trumpf says and does about oil and the EPA…the markets are really voting and or hedging with Tesla. In the meantime, Exxon is down since Trump was elected.

Oil may not be disappearing but electric cars, Elon Musk and Tesla are here to stay.

PS – Tomorrow The Yellen takes the stage with Colonel Trump. This post from Rudy made me laugh…a preview of her testimony:

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