US Dollar – Entering No Man's Land

Some unprecedented waters here for the US Dollar. Here is the goods from the Chairman who has been all over the weak dollar trade .

If someone tells you what this means – THEY ARE LYING. That’s what no man’s land is.

The noise alays gets louder at inflection points. That’s when you should do less.

One thing I would be sure of, the banks, like Cramer, THINK they know what no man’s land promises. That’s why I would turn off the TV and avoid the financials. Cramer screamed fire on CNBC last Friday on the homebuilders and the FED. Since that fit, the Dow has rallied 600 points and the homebuilders have rallied 30-40 percent in a few days.

Just keep doing less until the market shows it’s real strength again.

Too many unrecovered stocks in my portfolio after this big rally to make me think this rally is real.

Also took my loss in the stupid homebuilder trade. Much smaller than it could have been if I had sold into Cramer’s we are going to zero panic.

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  1. Jimk says:

    great advice about doing less. i am in no man’s with the hedge fund experience i told you about. BNP and bear are only the tip of the iceberg.

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