US Dollar – Entering No Man's Land…Again

The Canadian dollar touched par today.

In July I blogged about WINflation . Just as true today.

In the selloff last month, I was stopped out of some gold and oil positions. I thought a big change of trend were at hand. Not so.

I will be adding some more names in both sectors over the next few weeks.

Long GLD and OIH


  1. Jason Liske says:

    Any opinions on the GAS/OIL energy trusts – Canroys? Seems like another way to preserve capital from inflation… but they are not showing much strength. Wonder if they fail or bounce here.

  2. Bhh says:

    Commodities have been declared dead every 3 or 4 months for the last 5 years. Eventually the permabears will be right. Maybe in 2015.

    Along with gold and oil, agriculture has been very strong. Check out MOO for an easy way to capture that.

  3. maximo zeledon says:


    As a Canadian keep an eye on Orzone (OZN). It’s a small cap gold mining outfit. Also, did you short FedEX? FedEX is in a world of pain and they are not saying much.

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