US Scare/America Worst – Fly the angry skies

I said I would NEVER, EVER, EVER fly this piece of crap, sophomoric, airline again.

I lied. I almost did.

Trying to get from Louisville to Atlanta last week, I had to take the only flight available. US Air through Charlotte and a thousand other places to get about 300 miles to Atlanta. No one is in more need of Google Maps than the route planners at US Scare/America Worst.

Stupid me was chatting with Bill Cara and the flight pulled away without me. Let me just say that it is hard to end a conversation with Bill :) . The flight left EARLY Jerry Walker told me!

Long story short, Jerry Walker of US SCARE came to my rescue and whisked me off to Delta (we are talking another airline – this shit is unprecedented in my life) with a whisk of his fingers at the keyboard. Like two minutes of typing and I was in! I promised Jerry that I would blog about it. I told him of my hatred for America Worst and now that they were merged I had to call US Air – US SCARE.

Hey Jerry – “nothing personal, really.”

Jerry busted out laughing. Jerry is a STAR.

Let’s just say that today – nobody is laughing. A commuter flight from nearby Lexington, run by Delta crashed this morning. It is a horrible day for the Airlines again and for the innocent 49 people and their families that lost their lives today on a Delta flight from Lexington to Atlanta. It is tragic. It is a cost of our freedom that is highest on awful days like today.

This evening I was surfing videos and came across another ZeFrank awesdome VLOG – ironically about the airlines. Made me bust up and forget the tragic events for a moment. I am going to kiss my kids and hit the sack. Make it an awesome week.

Seize the day!

the show with zefrank


  1. Mr Angry says:

    My favourite part of that zefrank video is you’re never sure when he’s talking about his own attitude and when he’s talking about the attitude of some other jerk on the plane.

  2. Mr Angry says:

    He’s the gold standard as far as I’m concerned – I measure all other videos in comparison to him.

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