Venting…Not Vente…AND Humor in Finance

At first I loved to blog so I could vent.

Twitter came along and now venting became easier and and as Don King would say …’funner’.

Part of the reason I don’t get Facebook anymore is that Starbucks $SBUX has a Facebook page that they built and maintain for Pumpkin Lattes. That means they have hundreds of Facebook pages for things. That’s just funny. I am sure Jon Stewart could blow our minds with a Starbucks/Wall Street/Facebook/Social Web rant. He owns funny and politics.

Way back when I dreamed up Wallstrip, I knew Finance was going to be funny. It was a thrill to make some people smile while learning about stocks, markets and momentum. We had a great exit to CBS. Today, the financial industry remains untapped for funny yet has the creepiest, dirtiest, greedy and smartest people making hilarious free news all day.

Stocktwits was my idea for making Twitter and short form publishing fun for finance. I believe ideas can be smart, funny, timely, topical and teach people the language of the markets.

The whole thing could easily be looked at as a giant art project and that would be enough. Just today there were 50 plus messages that made me laugh and caught me up on the pulse of the markets and mood of the country. For example:

Coffee futures down, waiting outside $SBUX for lower prices @agwarner

Dear $NFLX, please let me get through seasons 1-5 of Dexter before your biz model self-implodes. @chicagosean

If there was any justice the SuperCommittee would be long $GRPN @trendrida

It’s a miracle to see people freely contributing and making Stocktwits my source for ideas, knowledge, friendships and entertainment. I am grateful.


  1. Greg says:

    Damn you Mayans, you were right all along!  $0 might not hold as support…. wait… uptick!  Rally to infinity and beyond… oh, spoke too soon… SSDD :)

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