Venture Capital…Big Money Still Flowing and Power In The Valley

Money continues to flow into the venture capital industry.

I wont complain.

The money flow should increase as rates stay low and the mantra of alternative investing picks up pace. I can feel that happening.

One big rule change that should really accelerate money flows is the final Volcker Rule:

The Final Volcker Rule[1], which goes into effect October 1, 2020, makes a number of significant modifications that are encouraging for venture capital funds. Most notably, the rule change permits banks to take stakes in venture capital funds that were previously banned, meaning that Wall Street and other banks will soon be able to boost investments in these funds.


AngelList came up with a new twist on Venture Capital this year with rolling funds.

As discussed yesterday in my podcast with Chetan of Benchmark, the biggest secret in technology right now is that the TAM of the cloud (total addressable market) continues to expand.

Tom Tunguz at Redpoint does a quick analysis of the enterprise sector to explain the large opportunity that still exists as the enterprise TAM continues to expand.

With this growth comes a huge shift in power and MD Gabriel has a great free newsletter and excellent post up titled ‘Power in The Valley‘ that is worth a read.

Have a great Friday.