Venture Capitalists in Private Planes Eating Sushi

I am excited that Jerry Seinfeld is back for another season of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

For years I have been battering around an idea for a similar show around investing and my favorite title of late is the one in the blog post title.

In the right setting, with the right production and the right interviewer, the business of investing and the stories from the founders and the investors can be told in the way Jerry does with comedians. Irreverence would be a key ingredient.

My friend Raoul Pal who founded RealVision is doing the best work I have seen creating a Netflix for Investors (I am an angel investor). It’s a no brainer to subscribe if you want great investing interviews and ideas.

From my days when I created Wallstrip I know how hard it is to put out just a few minutes of highly produced content each day, so I have too been easily talked out of making a show, but I want to be part of one that does get made the right way.