Venture Success and Cantaloupes


Maybe one in ten Ventures makes it in the real world.

In the world of fruit I think good cantaloupes are as rare.

I was just eating an exquisite cantaloupe and it dawned on me how rare it was. A deep discussion ensued with my 12 year old nephew and my brother in-law. They said it was more like 33.3 percent. I conceded them this but there is no way that the success rate is that high in Phoenix.

Got me thinking how bad in general the fruit is in Phoenix. It sucks.

One thing the internet has not fixed. “The big cities get the best fruit!”

Meanwhile, Toronto just had a huge gay and lesbion parade further proving my thesis that “the big cities….


  1. Mr Angry says:

    Ur! I hate rockmelons (another cultural difference). I’m counting down the days until mango season.

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