Verisign (VRSN) on Wallstrip

At the beginning of July , I added the security behemoth Verisign (VRSN) to my portfolio.

If it does hit an all-time high, I will be fat city, but I would be happy with a double. Since the bubble burst, Verisign has regrouped and climbed quite nicely.

New leadership, a deep customer base and the ability to RAISE prices for it’s services are all reasons to take notice. Verisign is not Wallstrippy as a stock at a all-time high, but there are always exceptions. Their complete dominance in internet security for transactions compensates for the bubble year pricing that won’t likely return.

The giant gap down and final collapse back in 2002 have been wiped clean. All owners from that date have been cleared out and almost all shareholders since are profitable. A surge above $35 would be more bullish and I will wait for that strength to add.

Lindsay and the Wallstrip research crew did a great job describing Verisign’s business. Here is the Google Finance start page .

Brian has a good look at the technicals:

It would not surprise me to see Verisign a benefactor of merger mania as well.

Disclosure – Long Verisign