Verizon To Buy Twitter…If They Were'nt Putz's

They won’t, but they should.

None of us like and/or respect Verizon as our service provider. We take them for granted, we hate their customer service, we feel that we are nickled and dimed and taxed for dubious reasons.

They should receive more respect because of their contribution to the shrinking world and commerce and the beginnings of social networking.

Instead, endless call center loops make us wish harm on them.

On the other hand is Twitter, lightweight and fun, it is the way diverse groups and friends are chattting about events, getting questions answered and building reputation. It’s value is unmeasurable yet.

The buffons at Verizon will keep waiting until a value is set and the price becomes ridiculous. Instread they will hire 300 more ‘customer service’ people from various 3rd world counttries to spread their global message of ‘FRUSTRATION’.

The telecom world is going lightweight. Verizon has a $29 (Twenty Nine) BILLION market capitalization.

I pay $400 for Verizon and feel like shit everytime I get a piece of mail from them and have to spend 20 minutes to make sure I was not charged for ROAMING.

They could raise my bill by $20, own Twitter and do more for telecom and social networking than anyone to date if they buy it and leave it alone. In fact, change the whole name of the company with the $300 million plus purchase.

I would prefer to speak to a customer Twitter representative with a real handle, than a nameless, facelles rep who just shines me.

The only people dumber than the execs running Verizon are the bloggers incessantly chattering about how Twitter will monetize or make money.

The incessant chatter should be about how the carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or Alltel has not made a major move into this category with what amounts to them as a tiny acquisition.