Verizon – We Uncool Your Brand

“We uncool your brand!” That should be the slogan for Verizon.

Maybe than, Google would not have made the uncoolest branding move they will ever make.

An exclusive deal with VCAST from Verizon. I use Verizon and would never pay for this. I never pay my Verizon bill on time. I hate Verizon.

The only explanation is an ex-Microsoft employee working for Google struck that deal. Oh yeah – and he lied about his past at Microsoft to get that job.

Only when that is announced can Google be forgiven for this “uncool” move.


  1. Andy says:

    That’s why I never used the blackberry you gave me….I knew I’d have to deal with Verizon to use it. Greater level of happiness to pay the $300 for a new one and deal with Cingular. Boy is that a sad commentary about Verizon.

    13 month old daughter has a ball with the other one though, so not all is lost :)

  2. Mr Angry says:

    That would make an awesome t-shirt “we uncool your brand” It sounds like a classic Engrish t-shirt you’d buy in Japan. Plus, I like your theory about the ex-microftie who lied about his past! :)

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