Video, Video, Video – is to blogging like Location, Location, Location is to Real Estate

Unlike real estate where oodles of money may be needed to start your empire, the stock market is teaming with opportunity if you believe in the boom of Video and want to invest with a tiny bit of money.

The video trend is exploding no doubt. One look at the stock market – a leading indicator – says it.

Telecom stocks hitting new highs – it is not from land lines. Adobe is just getting started as is Apple (don’t trust the imitators). Webx, Akamai and the handset makers (Motorola and Rimm) are right in the thick of things as well.

Great writers and influential thinkers will always have their way with the written word, but VideoBlogs are growing in populatity – FAST.

The tools are better, the bandwith is better, the cost of hosting and than distribution is getting cheaper by the hour and the market is global (talent and distribution).

There are now four (4) Videobloggers that have captured the Technorati 100 . You will see 10-20 by the end of the year and more than half by the end 2007.

Don’t miss this train and don’t get scared when it inevitably derails for a quarter or two. Embrace the fear and hope for it.

PS – Speaking of Video – My friend Loren has a wicked self produced video of his week in New Orleans and it is a must watch. It was a tough, lonely job and he worked very hard on the finished product. Watch it.

On the lighter side of things, Erin gets wet for TheBloggingTimes. Maybe the winner of her show’s naming can be bathed by Erin?


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