VIX 1,000… $6,000 Gold… and Dow Zero by October

We are doomed!

Capitalism is dead because Nouriel Roubini said so. I mean he has a Wickipedia page.

The EURO should not exist.

Grab your guns like everyone else ($RGR).

We are more connected than ever and it is amazing that $VIX 50 is not the new normal. Any math person will tell you this. Tiger Woods was a billionaire and global icon just three years ago and has financial problems today. Nobody had created odds for this outlier. They will happen more frequently now that we are all so connected. Good luck guessing and timing them.

The question is are you prepared for $VIX 50? When 50 on the $VIX becomes the norm, we will all look back at the good old days of 2011 when the $VIX was just bouncing between 20 and 40. Remember the good old days of $20/barrel oil?

YOU can have a plan. YOU can be ‘too small to fail’. YOU can be in cash and invest in yourself.

There are jobs available. Learn to code maybe? Learn Mandarin.

Open Your eyes. EIGHTY percent of the information we receive comes from your eyes (it must be true as it came from a TED speech).

It’s not pretty out there for sure, but nobody has a real plan for true chaos. Some people are just paid to yell their big plans really loud.

I smell opportunity yet again.


  1. Mark Collier says:

    It seems like many people I know are either unemployed, or desperately trying to hire the right tech talent.  We can groan about the education FAIL but I like your idea a lot better:  learn to code!  The number of free resources to learn to code are exploding, while at the same time the number of skilled developers is still way too low.  This gap does smell like opportunity, and I hope people jump in with both feet and leave the angry protesting to the greeks.  

  2. Zachary45 says:

    The round cut is widely believed to be the cut with the most brilliance; however, if you’re attempting to make a smaller stone look bigger, try going with a different cut like the pear or marquee. This will create an illusion that the right is bigger than its true carat weight would suggest.

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