Voice, Voice, Voice and Gen-Z

The front page headlines are ‘Trade War’, which means a lot of idiots are going on TV and getting quoted. This tweet from Stockcats was my fave of the day:

Not to be outdone, the asshats at CNBC have spent months blathering about the $UBER IPO and were absolutely giddy that it traded lower…pretty much a guarantee the stock will trade up and over it’s IPO price sooner than most think.

To culminate the poor coverage, they summed up the $UBER IPO with this drivel – ‘Uber’s IPO caps an era of mediocrity and small thinking in Silicon Valley‘. Because you know CNBC has been so innovative with Cramer still yelling and pushing buttons while Fast Money talks about old people buying oil stocks in an era of ETF’s, open source software and decentralization.

It’s maddening, but also the opportunity.

While they complain about small thinking, Bitcoin doubled to $140 billion.

While the smugly look at their traffic numbers from their $UBER headlines, the small thinkers and mediocre engineers at Google I/O launched this magic.

In a few years, all this drivel that we get click baited into skimming will be passed over because of the voice movement and our Airpods. The Gen-Z’ers have NEVER been tricked into this garbage.

Speaking of Gen Z and voice, here is a report from Tiffany Zhong on the state of Gen-Z that will help make you more money and get you more up to date than anything you will read in the mainstream media. You can download the report right here. It’s free.

PS – I am having a lot of fun making the Lindzanity podcast and getting great feedback.

Most importantly to me, I am learning a lot about some new trends.

Yesterday, I had my daughter Rachel and nephew Jeremy on the podcast. It will run in a few weeks. I wanted to hear what Gen-Z was up to first hand.