VSocial…It's About the 'White Label'

Creating and helping continue to make Wallstrip, I have been ground floor in the beginning of the video on the web revolution. It really is changing fast. There was no way that Wallstrip could be my only foray into video. I am not that smart :) .

My fund made an investment in Vsocial , which is a local Phoenix company (like Lifelock.com and GolfNow.com), a few months back which at the time of my investment was in a fast transition from a video sharing website to a service driven business. We have been in major think and execute mode while we chart a path in the crowded market. The new, ‘customer’, revenue and sales focused vision and product has a much better chance of success, in my opinion, that the late entrants to the video sharing business. I don’t think leaders YouTube and Veoh have it even close to figured out, so what chance do the little guys stand at this point? Little.

Today, VSocial offers “a white-label and customizable technology platform”. When a company wants to create a video-driven, branded community where consumers can upload videos, vote, comment and share those videos (and the brand’s message) out into the world via email, embed in blogs/websites, post to social media sites etc., that company does NOT want to fit their brand’s message, look and feel into a technology platform’s template.

Each brand has a unique message and a unique target market. Companies spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours building a brand. What we are seeing is they DON’T want to create a Promotional Campaign or Social Networking Community that fits into a template (not customized) and then have to promote the technology platform’s brand (not “white-label”).

The V:social technology platform is purely “white-label” and very customizable. “The V:social technology platform fits within the creative direction of the client. We don’t require the client’s creative vision to fit within the V:social technology.

Here are three examples of Promotional Campaigns (UPS, Foster’s and Vespa) and 1 example of a Social Networking Community (MyRaganTV.com). You DO NOT see VSocial in the URL, you DO NOT see VSocial anywhere on any page. That’s a true “white-label” solution.

More importantly, these examples are completely customized to the brands’ message and target market. And VSocial builds them in 30-45 days, plus provides all the “Engagement Metrics” so that brands can measure how involved their consumers are with their brand experience.

White-label, Customizable, Quick Set-Up and Measurable……I like VSocial’s focus.

Disclosure – I am an investor and board member of VSocial


  1. bocagirl says:

    First time I heard the term “white-label”, what a great idea, both as a product and delivery. This is waaay classier than the dude who stages fake fights in the comments area for a You Tube video. VSocial wins.

    PS by engagement metrics do you mean the type of metrics from OMTR?

  2. Francine Hardaway, P says:

    I saw the VSocial emo at Social Media Club and was very impressed by what a brand could do with it. Now what you need are enough ingenious marketing people to make good use of it.

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