Wag Baby!

I love my dogs.

My partners Tom and Gary love their dogs as well.

When Josh Felser at Freestyle called me and pitched WAG enthusiastically a few years back I was excited to meet the founders. We invested alongside Freestyle in the seed round.

Josh and his brother Jon came to Coronado for our annual partners and founder get together and showed off the early product to our LP’s. It was a hit with everyone.

The quick pitch…WAG is the Uber of dog walking. The product, the app and the value proposition are simple. The unit economics (the most important part of a healthy growing business) have always been good. Here is a link (scroll down) that explains the service because as simple as the app and product sound and perform, under the hood has a ton of moving parts.

Today, they announced a $300 million investment from Softbank.

They have also announced the hiring of a new CEO, Hilary Schneider, who was CEO of Lifelock. Hilary has experience running a fast growing consumer brand and public company.

I have invested for a few decades, seen all types of companies, founders, products and investments but have never seen a company grow, execute and fundraise like this in such a short period of time out of the starting gate.

I’ll take it.

I am excited for the founders, the employees and the early investors here.

Softbank better not blow this!