Wallstrip 50 shows later and Harley-Davidson Revisited

I am tired. Really tired. NOT. We are just getting started.

I was looking back through the archives of shows tonight and I am feeling pretty good. The shows are great and the stocks are doing really well save Smith and Wesson and Electronic Arts. Ouch on both. The big winners are Toyota, Altria, Garmin, Rimm, Crocs and Apple. Since we started the show in mid October, the markets have been real strong – that always helps. That said, I firmly believe that timing the market is not worth the effort and you are always best off buying the strongest stocks and being diversified.

Please remember that money management rules the day and that’s where the links, blogroll and Wallstrip blog come into play.

Portfolio’s need to be pruned.

In that vein, today we revisit Harley-Davidson. It is one of the great American Brands of all time. I have no position in the stock. Here are all my posts on Harley. Not bad :) .

For a fresh look, I asked my friend and Wallstrip regular Brian Shannon for the lowdown on Harley’s technicals. Here it is:

For why Harley does well despite technicals being good or bad – here is The Rad Report’s take:

Some exciting news is that the Wallstrip team is heading to PHOENIX for a week of shows. It’s actually cheaper than me going to New York :). It’s also the only way to get Lindsay in a bikini. NOT.

Thanks for staying involved and spreading the word.

Disclosure – Long Apple, Smith and Wesson, Bidu, Copart, Dolby, Nike, Adobe (Was long CROX and RIMM at the time of the shows and have since sold and disclosed on the blog).


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