Wallstrip Comes to Phoenix

I am tired of middle seat “red eyes” to New York so Wallstrip came to Phoenix. Some great stuff coming the next 7 days so stay tuned. The weather was an absolute disaster save the 30 minutes of sun that we had to film the first episode. Lindsay made contact a few times and we returned all the clothes (we have a tight budget). The caddie was fired of course.

We filmed it at my home course at the Biltmore. Wallstrip books all it’s tee times from GolfNow (I am an investor and shameless promoter). You can see the “bubble” construction going on in the background :) . Don’t even ask what those condo’s are going for…

We kickoff with a quick discussion on trends. There is so much price strength across global markets that it is hard not to be long. I don’t fight trends, I try to ride them.

Here is my recent post on trends/investment themes for 2007. I am sticking with them.

Brian adds a great technical look at the S&P, the Nasdaq 100 and the Oil ETF to accompany today’s show.

Mergers and a weak dollar should help support major US markets, but taking profits is no crime. I have been a net seller since late December .

Disclosure – Long USO and GolfNow

PS – GolfNow just launched GolfNow.tv. Loving the idea. Here is the second show:


  1. baxon says:


    Are you coming to the offices to do a background on GolNow or are you skipping the “ugly” side of the biz? Let us know so we can look presentable, comb our beards, and hide the desktop computer dolls.

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