Wallstrip – expanding the conversation…

My friend Shane from Wall Street Fighter has offered up some constructive criticism of Wallstrip. He asks the questions we ask everyday.

His main concern is not enough comments on the show. It’s my wish to have 50 plus comments per day. The free ideas he offered are all pretty much awesome so thanks Shane.

I admit that I have no answers or holy grail for community, increasing the conversation, or traffic. We have been and continue to try different things.

Yes, there are shortcuts and tricks (we try some) and tools (we want to try them all). The tools are what this show even possible.

BUT, in the end, you can’t force a conversation. It happens or is earned. I believe it takes time. If we or our fans Digg and Message Board our shows to death, we will get the herds, but not the real fans. I have seen the traffic from these efforts. They read, and puke comments (mostly anonymous) on your site and leave forever.

Last Friday, we had slower traffic on our site, but 18,000 views of our “Cramer job Interview” over at VSocial.com. Our Proctor and Gamble show had 10,000 views at AOL Uncut. Most of our Subscribers are now at iTunes. Over 100 blogs carry our widget. As far as I can tell, we are the only show offering a show widget. Wallstrip should be consumed at the points of convenience for each consumer. It is our job in this era of Web 4.48 to give it to them WHERE THEY ARE.

In 60 plus days, Wallstrip the brand has had a huge amount of impressions from all the outside forces.

That said, our core fans should get MORE for coming to see the show at our site and we are working hard at adding more content and conversation starters.

We are open to suggestions as always.


  1. Jordan Glasner says:

    How about promoting the fact the conversation happens at your main site at the end of each segment. Something as simple as “Share your take at Wallstrip.com”.

    Also your widget is broken, at least on this site..

    – Try opening the video in a new window, it tries opening a file hosted at the current site instead of loading the video from Revver. For example, the Nike show on the right goes to https://howardlindzon.com/123764 when I do the above.

    – Why does the Wallstrip logo link to Revver’s homepage?

    Overall, it just doesn’t say click me. Would you want to watch “12-25-06 Holi…” or “12-21-06 Logi…”. I’d flip the date and title, so potential viewers can see what the shows about before clicking.

    Ok, going back into lurking mode now.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    thanks eddie –

    Jordan – thanks for the heads up and yes the title should come before the date – sweet. we are on that.

  3. eddie Daroza says:

    howard: one way to do it is promote the popular commenters. look at bumpshack.com, in the right column about half way down the page. made me want to comment at that stupid site.

  4. Mike says:

    One word – “Tee-Shirts” or is that 2 words?

    Another word – FREE

    Another word – Contest

    Another word – incentives to return – Whatcha’ selling?

    Another word – Think outside of the world (box was too easy)

    Hmmmmm – I thought you had all this worked out already. I could put my thinking cap on, but I thought that is what you were doing.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Big Roy says:

    I’m here because of a link from another blog post where the guy trashing Wallstrip. Which doesn’t say a lot for them. Why revel in someone else’s problems?

    I think Wallstrip is great, Lindsay is an incredible talent. The shows are smart and funny at times. I even wrote about it on my blog and gave a link.

    Consider me old fashion. But think of the good will if someone from Wallstrip had sent me a quick note saying thanks. Maybe saying, hey this is what we are looking to for the future. We would love to keep you informed so you could tell your readers about it.

    Just a thought.

  6. Howard Lindzon says:

    Big Roy – no problems at Wallstrip, Dave is a shameless troublemaker with 50 adsensed gossip blogs.

    Look him up and you will see all the failed blog sites and screw jobs he has performed.

  7. Martin Neumann says:

    Also came via Dave’s critique. :-)

    Not sure it’s justified on this occasion – seems you just posed a question, thinking out aloud. That’s actually a plus in this day and age – you’re opening up Wallstrip and trying to develop a community. Give folks a sense of ownership in a site/blog/product and community (and conversation) will tend to follow – no need to force things.

    I’d say do what you’re doing right – develop the brand, offer up easy to digest product but don’t over do it with clutter (I think the WS site could do with some de-cluttering coming from a purely casual visitor pov).

    What about offering up some evergreen content – maybe free short tutorials for learning the stockmarket game. Many would love to learn more about the market (even the very basics) and this could cement your brand even further.

    Just keep at it and you’ll soon get to your own tipping point.

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