Wallstrip goes POST-IT with 3M (MMM)

Posted Notes are the physical equivalent of a Google Search. I use Google 20 times a day and I use 20 Post-it-Notes. I really don’t care what else 3M (MMM) does – it’s all good by the way- one product defines the brand.

If they were smart, they would implement adsense for Post-it-Notes. Actually, Google could buy 3M THREE times based on today’s closing prices and just do it themselves. I officially am breaking this rumor.

If the Dow is at all-time highs, 3M must be too. The Dow is price weighted so the better the higher priced stocks are performing, the better for the Dow.

Today’s Wallstrip show is awesome and I am not about to go analyze this behemoth of a company. The stock does not interest me as I can’t own everything and basically 3M is everything. Hard to find fault with the long-term performance despite the conglomeration.

I think that the weak US Dollar has been a major boon for this multinational. Basically, they are giving away posted notes in the rest of the world.

Brian has a look at the technicals, but trust me, they are good:

Disxclosure – Post-It Junkie on paper and virtually, no position in MMM, but Long Google.


  1. mrkcbill says:

    Geez-Howard- and here I thought you were one of those guys that cut up used copy paper and used the backside to make notes…

    I love the the M’s– bought in last year.

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