Wallstrip has a new Host – Julie Alexandria

Don’t shoot the messenger.

We all love Lindsay. She rocks. She is Wallstrip. Blah blah blah :) .

Now it’s Julie’s turn so just deal with it. Wallstrip is about stocks near or at all-time highs (for the most part) that I find interesting and my market thoughts. Lindsay delivered them perfectly. Julie will do the same.

More important for me, we are friends on Facebook and she follows me on Twitter. She is smart :) .

She has guest hosted for us before and obviously the crew loved her. Scott our producer knows that I loved her too.

Lindsay is off doing her next CBS project so watch the show and see what it is.


  1. Peter Glyman says:

    Will miss Lindsay A LOT…Congrats to her though on a new gig. I need to friend her on Facebook before she becomes too famous.

    Julie is very cool and will still watch WallStrip religiously.

  2. Todd Earwood says:

    Great run by Lindsay and can’t wait to see her new show. Welcome in Julie! She has a great personality and the skills to step in. Good work Wallstrip and here’s to another year of success.

  3. Andy Swan says:

    Lindsay rocks and I’m looking forward to her new show. Congrats on a great year +!!!

    Julie will be great! Congrats to J and Wallstrip for matching up.

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  5. greenskeptic says:

    Lindsay who?

    Kidding aside, we’ll miss her. But expect big things from her @ CBS.

    Now when are they going to spin off Nake Putz as a reality-spoof?

  6. allen stern says:

    here’s my take on the news:

    could it be like joanne taking over for amanda? could it be the whitening strips went to far? :)

    good luck to both very talented videobloggers!

    Howard – any chance you could hook me up with Julie – would love to interview her for CenterNetworks!

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  8. Dr. UNIX says:

    Howard loves Julie…Scott loves Julie…blah, blah, blah…the crew loves Julie. Man, this chick is a slut.

    Welcome Julie.

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  11. Panda Bearnanke says:

    It’s reminds me of when Steve Nash left Dallas to go to Phoenix. Lindsay is Nash, Howard is Mark Cuban and Julie is Jason Terry.

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  13. Lindsayfan says:

    Too bad to lose Linsay. She was the only reason to watch the webshow…kind of like no one cares about Mercury cars except for their spokesmodel. Well, I guess it had to happen. Julie is probably going to be a nice host, but couldn’t you have picked someone less “safe?” Good luck, but I’m outta here.

  14. bocagirl says:

    I will miss Lindsay, she was the best. Can’t wait to see her next project.

    Love Julie’s energy, she will rock out on her own vibe.

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  18. Theo says:

    I don’t normally leave a comment but gotta give a round of applause to Lindsay, I thought it was great. V. entertaining.

    Good luck Julie, big boots to fill!

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  20. William says:

    I love the show with Lindsay and I did watch this last episode and had to do a double take because there really wasn’t an explanation of what happened (just someone else saying they were the host).

    I saw Rocketboom go through something like this and that show ended up tanking. I hope that Wallstrip doesn’t do the same.

    I’ll give the new host a shot. I know that the writing is really Howard anyway.. But I am a little concerned.

    Anyway, like I said I will keep an open mind ;)

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  21. Tom says:

    Wow, yeah I don’t think the new host has the same energy Lindsay had, despite one commenter saying the opposite. It’s like this: you could have the best script in the world, but if the actor/actress can’t deliver the lines right, it’s worthless. And that seems to be the case here. Who knows if this will get better over time, but MobLogic needs to hurry up and exist.

    (Also, someone needs to add more info to Lindsay’s wikipedia page!) Like a picture!

  22. Bill says:

    Sorry Linsay, but only 39 comments since you left? That says it all. You were great and hot and cute and funny and witty, but in the end, no one really cared. Good luck in your new position. Hope you got a big fat raise. Best of luck to you Julie. Maybe you can muster 50 fans before you move on.

  23. MikeyPEI says:

    Bill, come on! Blog forums are like ratings. 39 posts = thousands of fans. Some still too grief stricken to type, I fear. Regardless, I will miss Lindsay too. Julie has a huge challenge as Lindsay defined the role. Julie should not be afraid of adding her own style to the job. Lindsay had the sassy thing down cold. julie looks a little cautious, so far.

    Some things should not have had a sequel (Caddyshack 2 comes to mind). Yet others only survived because of the sequel (Star Trek II…)

    I will give Julie a try. So let’s see how it goes. Oh, the bad acting bits I delete right away. I like the talking head, interviews, man on the street stuff a lot more. FWIW.

    Oh, and Naked Putz ain’t bad either!

    Good luck to all!

  24. Bill says:

    If you say so. Actually, after seeing a few clips, I like Julie a lot better. Lindsay was “the girl next door” or even “one of the guys.” Julie is totally hot!

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