Wallstrip hits the Street for 2008 Predictions…Do the OPPOSITE!

One thing about people on the streets and predictions, do the opposite.

In November 2006, we hit the street for some stock market tips. See for yourself the sheer patheticness . Pretty hilarious stuff from the archives. Real estate, real estate, real estate, a side of BSX , TWX, and the occasional YouTube is a bubble preach. Check the charts. Awful.

That’s why I was excited to see the blend from today’s edit.

I am having a harder time gauging what to fade based on the ‘Man on the Streets ‘ 2008 edition. If I were to guess, the average investor is way underinvested in the stock market, apathetic and not the least bit concerned.

My read – BIG VOLATILITY COMING. Time to scare some people.

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