Wallstrip is in talks to BUY…… ?

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting:


“according to a person familiar in the matter.”

That sounds bankable don’t you think!? Better yet – their source for getting the reporter in a lather – TechCrunch. OYYYYYYYYYYY.

I am in talks to buy a plane. I called the guy selling it, he quoted me a price and I hung up. I am short 10 million – BUT WE ARE IN TALKS!

In case you missed the sarcasm – the Wall Street Journal sucks. Why do you need it. You need high speed internet, TechMeme, Instant Information, Buzztracker and email. You need people that teach you a strategy, not spoonfeed you soundbites and rumors. For that I have Perez Hilton.

PS – If you call me to talk about Wallstrip – we are officially in talks and I will report it.

PSS – Great scene from “Wall Street” up at the site – head over.


  1. Dick Costolo says:

    Howard, can you give me the name of the guy with the plane? I’m only short 9.99 million, but maybe i can put it on layaway with the 10k that’s burning a hole in my pocket!

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