Wallstrip Perfume and Cologne ?

I think e-mail should have it’s own scent, especially if it is coming from a lady.

I floated the idea to Lindsay at a Wallstrip meeting today. She of course is sick of me after just one meeting. I think that means things are going well :) .

I know Trader X is buying whatever she is selling :) . The margins in cologne and perfume is much higer than t-shirts. Take a look at what Unilever is doing with “Axe” and Proctor and Gamble with “Tag”.

I would like to call Wallstrip’s scent – “All-Time High” or maybe just “DOW 12,000”

If you don’t laugh at this, you will find these comments hilarious from my Ambien post:

First Tom on sleep alternatives – I read that the next version of Ambien will be called www.howardlindzon.com. It’s some blog that puts readers to sleep.

And Eddie had this gem to sleep medicine alternatives:

POT – It’s not traded on a regular exchange though.

Believe me, I have tried (try) both :) . Never inhaled though.


  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    hey if it ever is makes it corporate it’s a gold mine. actually, i guess the barriers to entry are pretty low. never mind.

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