Wallstrip Salutes The Stock Market of 2007

What an interesting year it has been . I am not going to do a major recap. Only a few things really happened…China owns us and US Financial and Housing CEO’s are punk ass momentum bitches.

As Fred appropriately says…”We are Where we Are

It’s true. Prices are all that matter. Fred seems very concerned. I am not. Japan owned us 20 years ago, so did the Germans for a few hours. We bought the stuff back from them for pennies.

Same shit, different timeline? I think so. I think the global taste of wealth is intoxicating and contagious .

Most of America is fat and lazy, but our cream of the crop blows everyone elses’s away. We are like Trump in the 80’s. We owe sooooo much money that nobody can afford to collect. It’s better for our creditors to keep us afloat. my bet is we come through this once again.

If we don’t, what good is all the money you make shorting anyways. You will be dead or a slave or here .

Disclosure – Shamelessly Optimistic


  1. JimK says:

    That has always been the big flaw in the gold bug argument: ‘gotta have gold for the end of the world as we know it.’ But what good are 1 oz gold coins if society as we know it ends and there is completely lawlessness? It would actually be better to have ammo, cigarettes, alcohol and a warehouse of sterno and Dinty Moore Beef Stew.

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