Wallstrip – The Best DAMN Day of our Young Existence – TheStreet.com and Google Finance Distribution

Great Day at Wallstrip!

Jonathan Stokes is blogging about Wallstrip’s distribution deal with The Street.com and I will hopefully have an official press release tomorrow. He caught our vids on the Street.com site. Here is his post . Better than I could write it.

Starting today, Wallstrip will be available at TheStreet.com . It has been fun getting to meet Tom Clarke, the CEO of TheStreet.com and also Anthony Brown who has helped spearhead this on our behalf at TheStreet.

They have eyeballs and influence and that’s cool for us. Lot’s of new viewers from their site are already reaching out (this from Bernie):

Heard and saw you (ie Mad-SUZE) for the first time on TheStreet.com TV a few minutes ago… went to your site… checked out your daily… not only BMarked you but in my tool bar.

Great concept: SCMeetsPC.
and execution.

We also love that our vids will have no prerolls when they get it all up and working smooth.

Just as exciting, the new improved Google Finance is including Wallstrip in it’s mix of front page videos. Here is the official word from The Google Blog .

Nice company for us indeed.


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    everyone needs an enemy. since I am old and heavy, none better than older and heavier scoble. The site sucks and he’s a wimp.

    The other idiots cant stop writing about us so that’s good.

  2. Eddie Daroza says:

    dude im loving the google finance… those guys got the idea down. just need to keep plugin away at design and ease. great job howard. you sure know how to get things done.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    Forgetting the politics – Henry Blodget emailed me and said:

    Everywhere I turn…Wallstrip. Has to be one of the fastest brand-awareness ramps I’ve ever seen. Congrats again to you and the team.

    The guy has seen a lot of internet deals so a nice plug for sure

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    Mdawsz – they are a flea on a dog’s ass and I am only embarrassed for stooping to their level. You wont hear about them ever hear again. Just scoble, until he gets rid of the haters and shows some spine.

    You cant be the next NEW if you never were NEW. At leasat NEW had some great years

  5. Fraser says:

    Excellent news! Congrats. I agree with Henry – everywhere I turn… Wallstrip, Wallstrip, Wallstrip.

    Nicely done. Like you said to me only a few short months ago – it’s all in the execution.

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