Wallstrip – The Launch…Here comes Apple.

Everybody has been really supportive in launching Wallstrip. With our launch Monday morning, the critics will come. I am not ready, but I asked for it.

Most supportive of all has been my wife Ellen. This whole project has been a latent passion of mine from the time I read a James Cramer post in 1998. She knows it and has been behind it. I am a lucky man. My kids – Rachel and Max – have put up with some real sloppy attention from me while I coordinate with my partners and all the bloggers in getting ready. They want to be in the show, but I can’t fall into the Sonny and Cher trap :) . They could do a Blackberry three-hour miniseries.

I expect to have a widget with the show – any moment – on the top right sidebar. Revver has been super supportive of the whole process and giving us what we need.

The Wallstrip site is super sweet and a I owe that to my partner Dominic at The Blogging Times. He has created this with such little direction from me and I love it. Hope you do as well.

Adam and Jeff at Bright Red Pictures believe passionately in the project and understand that this is a marathon. We will not please everybody on a daily basis but they understand the production business and I am in great hands. They have some real cool stuff planned for the show.

The financial widgets are coming and they are coooool. We will be rolling them out weekly.

The bloggers are really passionate about stocks and I think you will meet some great ones at the site. Some familiar and some brand new.

I hope most of all that you share your ideas, join the conversation and together we make some better investment decisions.

Deep down, I want to make you laugh out loud – with me or at me. Does not matter.

I have chosen Apple for the first show. It has had an incredible run the last few years. I love the Company, own the stock, have written incessantly about it in these pages and think the story is still misunderstood. From my perspective as a blogger, and the show itself, I am not about BUY, BUY, BUY or SELL, SELL, SELL. I follow trends and don’t trade much anymore.

I do want to understand if the trend can continue. That is really the show. Just a little bit more than a show about nothing, BUT look how well that one did :) .

In Apple’s case, MY OPINION is that the trend is early.

NOBODY has EVER done retail like Apple. I doubt we will see a retailer in our lifetime that has captured the imagination of the consumer. At 164 stores – who the [email protected][email protected] cares if the iPod slows. If Apple executes on their retail plan, sales should quadruple in 4-5 years time.

Why focus on anything else if you are a long-term believer? I’m not.


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  2. Ian Baird says:

    Good luck! I’ll be sure to follow the news on Wallstrip. Heading out to Chicago later this week, could possibly squeeze in coffee if you’re up for it and happen to be in town.

    – Ian ( rtmfd-at-mac-dot-com )

  3. Erik Schwartz says:

    Congrats on the launch.

    I’m glad to see thte show is short. One thing the vloggers seem to understand and the podcasters don’t, is that brevity is the soul of wit.

  4. jeremy says:

    i haven’t been able to watch wallstrip yet (still in class), so this might be covered, but what exactly is that strategy they plan to execute? build walled gardens around their os, and other systems? after all, osx, etc, runs only on their hardware. im just not seeing their numbers quadruple.

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