Wallstrip – Turn $33,000 into $7 million in 2 years

It’s easy…just click here.

Expect a change in my strategy starting ASAP. Thank goodness…I knew it was easy.

I take tips by the way.

Hat Tip – Barron’s online for this great money making lead.


  1. Steven says:


    Hey that aint nuthin…I wanna see the “how I turned a million $$$ net worth into a negative -$1.48”

    oh wait I did read that…all those subbrime loaners and the hedge guysinto them…

  2. Curtis Faith says:

    From the ad: “On May 13, 2006, I traded LIVE at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas in front of 100+ clients. I made over $139,000 that day. that’s real money, not some simulated trading portfolio.” – Michael Parness

    The above statements could be true if the $139,000 is what he selling crap to the audience not from the trading.

    Last Thursday I ate pepperoni pizza with a plastic fork. I made over $1 million that day. Wanna buy a plastic fork?

  3. Curtis Faith says:

    Even funnier, I found out from some investigative reporters at elitetrader.com that May 13, 2006 was a SATURDAY. Since Parness is an equity trader it must have been a difficult trading session with the markets closed.

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  5. dogwood says:

    Hey, if he can do that well on a Saturday, then the rest of us schmucks should be able to kick some major trading behind during actual market hours.

    Move over Curtis, the Parness Posse is riding into town and I hear they eat turtles for lunch. ;)

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