Wallstrip Turns ONE Today…We Celeberate with Guns as all Americans Should (SWHC)

One year and going strong.

Buying the strongest performing stocks and adding great brands on 20-30 percent drops is what we do. It has been a great market so it’s not that we are smart, but we are proving that having a strategy works. Our first week of stocks from last October are up on average nearly 100 percent. They include Apple, RIMM, Chipotle’s, Adobe and Nike. Garmin, Baidu, Crox and Google have not been shabby. Starbucks, International Game Technology, Sony, Electronic Arts and Medtronic are companies that we profiled as brands you can own when prices get whacked. Only Starbucks has disappointed, but I remain long.

If you want to buy value and all-time lows…buy Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway and the clones. They have proved they know what they are doing…you don’t.

Over time, Guns, Booze, Gambling, Internet and Sex will continue their outperformance. It may not be fair and may not seem right, but those that invest in these themes will be continually rewarded. Don’t overthink it.

I also think that a ‘One idea a day’ is plenty for 99 percent of the investing public. Over the course of the first year we have covered nearly 150 stocks and industries. That’s just an afternoon with Cramer I know, but we are not Cramer.

Today we take a second look and update of one of my past faves Smith and Wesson (SWHC) . I exited my position a few months back, but in doing an update you can see why the stock is humming along at all-time highs. It is back on my radar screen. I can’t say I will ever understand the cosmetic and fragrance angle, but gun accessories are white hot. Here is their Google Finance Page once again .

Here is our original show:

Brian has a detailed look at the price action:

We have lot’s of new surprises in the year ahead. Thanks for the support of the show.


  1. Trader Mike says:

    One year old… it seems like only yesterday when we were having all those pre-launch meetings. I can’t wait to see all the new surprises.

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  3. beanie11111 says:

    Witness the evolution of the next Cisco =====> VMW !!!!!!!

    Earnings is Oct. 24.

    The last day to buy the stock cheap is immediately after earnings. Get buying!

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